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Rockrose Equestrian Centre

Owned and managed by husband and wife team, James and Sonya Cunningham, Rockrose is Scotland’s premier equestrian centre.

Set in the heart of the rolling hills and beaches of East Lothian, Rockrose offers a world-class livery yard and state of the art indoor equestrian centre. What makes Rockrose different from many other equestrian centres is that they offer their members the opportunity to learn, meet and ride with some of the UK’s leading experts; so their members can become the riders they’ve always aspired to be.

The purpose of the film was to capture the stunning facilities Rockrose offers, its picture book setting and, more importantly, the Rockrose community and their unique approach to equestrianism. What made this a particularly interesting shoot was working with the Rockrose team and horses. There were a number of characters and facilities to capture in a limited amount of time.

The result was a film that captures the stunning offering and setting of Rockrose and their world-class livery yard. What had started out as one film has the potential to become a series of films capturing different aspects of the Rockrose experience.