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Lesley-Anne Morrison

Producer. Director

Lesley-Anne believes that in order to tell a story that people care about, it has to have heart.

With over 15 years of experience, working on movies, documentaries, independent feature films, television shows and commercials, Lesley-Anne has amassed a wealth of experience in production and storytelling. Lesley-Anne is an ardent and intuitive interviewer who is able to get to the heart of a story. She makes the process of telling your story a pleasant, even enjoyable, experience.

Lesley-Anne’s attention to detail and strong work ethic keep all the trains on the rails, on time and on budget.

Lesley-Anne believes that every story deserves to be well crafted. Her inspiration is rooted in evergreen content that serves a purpose. She focuses on capturing the story in such a way that it draws the viewer in, time and time again.

Gregg B McNeill

Director of Photography. Lensman.

Gregg believes that every person, place and object has a story and these stories deserve to be told in the best, most effective way possible.

After working on documentaries, films and in TV across 3 continents, including countries like India, Afghanistan, the USA and the UK, Gregg continues to have a consistent desire to produce captivating pictures that tell a story.

Gregg has a down-to-earth yet creative approach, which drives him to find new ways to tell stories in visually stimulating, emotionally connective ways.

Gregg’s inspiration is founded on his belief that classically beautiful photographs are timeless and powerful. With over 25 years of experience, Gregg remains passionate about images – both moving and still.

Gregg also believes that good coffee is not only a necessity but also a human right.